​Fire Prevention Month: A Good Reminder To Keep Kitchens Safe All Year Long

By Terence O’Reilly, Jr. and Sean O’Reilly, Sr.


Cooking fires are the number one cause of fires in eating and drinking establishments, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Furthermore, the National Fire Data Center reports that in the U.S. restaurant fires cost approximately $165 million every year.

October is Fire Prevention Month. It’s a good reminder to make sure your premises are safe all year long. Universal Fire Protection and Quality III Fire Protection, both TERMAC companies, help keep properties and people safe by installing, inspecting and servicing fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers and emergency exit lighting systems customized to your needs.

In addition, we’re experts in fire codes and compliance standards to maximize building safety and avoid costly penalties. The solutions we offer are tailor-made to the needs of your business.

We recommend:

Having your fire suppression system inspected every six months. This is crucial because approximately 40% of restaurant fires start in the kitchen and nearly 20% of those fires can be traced to the stove. These systems automatically dispense chemicals to suppress the flames; they also have a manual switch. Activating the system automatically shuts down the fuel or electric supply to the nearby cooking equipment.

Keeping portable fire extinguishers as a backup. You’ll need Class K fire extinguishers for cooking fires that involve grease, oil or fat and Class ABC fire extinguishers for other types of fires such as paper, plastic or electrical. Our certified technicians will help determine how many fire extinguishers you need, the type and placement.

To prevent a panic situation, make sure your emergency and exit signs are fully operational both in the kitchen and the dining areas. We can also advise on an appropriate evacuation plan and provide training on the use of fire-safety equipment.

Universal Fire Protection and Quality III Fire Protection serve Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and District of Columbia. We’ll make sure all of your fire protection equipment is inspected, tested and maintained on a scheduled basis to minimize the chance of fires. Prepare for the unexpected and contact us today at 800-601-4663.

It could be a life or property-saving call.

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