All-Around Good Technician Makes Us All Thankful

By Terence O’Reilly, Jr. and Sean O’Reilly, Sr.

Will Hill rarely took a day off from work. But when he did, perhaps for a fishing tournament with his son, his customers always asked about him. That says something.

Hill retired April 16, after almost 20 years with TERMAC. His customers will miss him, along with the whole TERMAC team. Hill, a technician, worked on repair and service of commercial equipment. We appreciate his commitment to his customers, always courteous and professional, reflecting well on TERMAC.

Hill quietly built a reputation for quality service. “Once he goes out on a service call, people will request him,” says service manager Eric Oehling. “He definitely has made a lasting mark on our customers and to our workplace.”

Hill is diligent in his work and a positive influence to the entire Termac team. “He adds value to the company with his many years of experience on so many makes and models of machinery,” says co-owner Terence O’Reilly, Jr. “His dependability and dedication have greatly benefited our company.”

Colleagues are just as complimentary. His buddy, technician Faron Burns, who knew him from working on area farms before they worked at TERMAC, said he is an “all around good guy.” What’s more, he knows “everything about the machinery,” and shows a “good, positive attitude.”

Co-owner Sean O’Reilly, Sr. sums it up like this: “He is a gentleman, respected by coworkers and liked by his customers. He has been an asset to our Service Department that will be missed.”
While every company hopes their employees are content in their jobs, it is the fortunate company that is happy with its employees. We are thankful that we have enjoyed Will Hill for so many years. We wish him the best, and a lot of time to hunt and fish.

Termac Corporation is a family-owned business serving the hospitality industry for more than 58 years with its cleaning and sanitation products. To meet the needs of this evolving market, it established a system of service and developed The Filter Man, GTO Grease Trap Services, Universal Fire Protection and AllPro Stainless Steel and Metal Fabrication.

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