You Call, We Answer, GUARANTEED!

By Terence O’Reilly, Jr. and Sean O’Reilly, Sr.

Who isn’t annoyed by hearing this recording on the other end of the phone: “Please listen carefully because our options have changed.” Or, “Press One for a Department Directory. Press Two for hours and location.” Not to mention, “You are ninth in line. Please hold.”

We at TERMAC never want you to experience the frustration of an impersonal automated answering system. When you call TERMAC you are greeted by a human being — someone who knows the company, who can answer your questions or get you to the right person. Your time means something to us.

Studies and surveys confirm that callers are frustrated with automated phone systems. One Washington D.C., business research firm found that for most people, listening to irrelevant options while navigating a phone menu ranked in their top three annoyances. The other top frustrations were not being able to describe their query, and a lack of human interaction.

A Consumer Reports survey revealed that 75 percent of consumers said their biggest gripe is not getting a human being on the phone. Sixty-six percent answering the survey disliked when many phone steps were needed.

From the beginning, our dad, TERMAC’s founder Terence O’Reilly Sr., believed that customers preferred a human connection, whether it’s for maintenance, sales or a late-night emergency. He couldn’t stand being placed on hold or answering to prompts, and he didn’t want to subject his customers to that either. Knowing our dad was right to have the customer in mind, we follow this same protocol today. That’s right…when you call at midnight on a Saturday night because you need service on your restaurant dish machine, you speak to a live person!

As part of our customer service, we want to resolve your questions quickly and effectively, by cutting down wait time and getting you to the right person.

No generic inbox for us. No need to figure out how to bypass automatic prompts. Just a friendly voice who can help you. Call us and let us know how you like it! 1-800-332-4912.

Termac Corporation is a family-owned business serving the hospitality industry for 59 years with its cleaning and sanitation products. To meet the needs of this evolving market, it established a system of service and developed The Filter Man, GTO Grease Trap Services, AllPro Stainless Steel and Metal Fabrication, Universal Fire Protection and Quality III Fire Protection.

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