The 10 Germiest Places in a Restaurant

While you’re feasting, where are the germs festering?

To get the dirt on dining out, ABC News Consumer Correspondent Elisabeth Leamy went undercover at 10 restaurants in three states. She took swab samples from 10 surfaces you typically come in contact with at a restaurant. Then, Dr. Philip Tierno and his team at the New York University Microbiology Department lab tested the samples.

So what’s the dirtiest? Here are the top 10 germiest places in a restaurant, in descending order:

10. Salad bar tongs

9. Ketchup bottles

8. Bathroom faucets

7. Bathroom door knobs

6. Rims of glasses

5. Tables

4. Salt and pepper shakers

3. Lemon wedges

2. Menus

1. Seats

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