The Importance of Restaurant Sanitation


Good sanitation is one of the most important priorities in a commercial kitchen. It’s more than just wiping down the tables, chairs and counters. It’s making certain that your staff is trained in cross-contamination prevention and performing a wide range of cleaning duties on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules.

Consider this:

  • A clean commercial kitchen reduces harmful bacteria. Most food-related illnesses are the result of unsanitary food handling practices. Having just one case of food poisoning linked to your restaurant is enough to destroy your reputation.
  • It’s the law. The state has strict guidelines set on the sanitation of eating places. On average, a health inspector can visit a restaurant twice a year to make sure local safety regulations are implemented and to check hygiene levels.
  • All restaurant personnel should be trained in cleaning. From regularly washing their hands to knowing which cleaning products to use for surfaces, floors and equipment, the focus is on customer and staff safety.
  • Every commercial kitchen should have a cleaning checklist and schedule. Timelines may vary, but it will help ensure that every utensil is sterilized and the grease trap drained.

Termac Corporation is a family-owned business serving the hospitality industry for more than 50 years with its cleaning and sanitation products. To meet the needs of this evolving market, it established a system of service and developed The FilterMan, GTO Grease Trap Services, Universal Fire Protection and AllPro Metal Fabrication.

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