What to do when a health inspector visits

Don’t panic when an inspector arrives. Think of the visit as a learning opportunity that will benefit your operation by making it as safe as possible. To make the inspection a positive experience, follow these guideline:

  • health-inspectionsAsk to see the inspector’s credentials. In some cases, people have tried to pass themselves off as health officials. If you’re unsure of the person’s credentials, call the local health department or the inspector’s supervisor for verification. Ask whether the purpose of the visit is a regular inspection or due to a customer complaint. Train your employees to check identification before allowing anyone to enter the back of your operation.
  • Don’t refuse an inspection. In doing so, the health inspector likely will obtain an inspection warrant which allows him/her to inspect your establishment without your consent.
  • Tag along with the inspector and take notes of any violations he/she finds. This gives you the chance to correct simple problems on the spot and the health inspector will note your willingness to fix problems. Be prepared to provide any information or records that the inspector needs and truthfully answer the inspector’s questions.
  • Refrain from offering any food or any other item that can be misconstrued as an attempt to influence the inspector’s findings.
  • Sign the inspector’s report after the inspection. Signing doesn’t mean that you agree to the findings, it only means that you received a copy of the report.
  • Ask the inspector to explain his/her findings to your staff, or share the inspection results with your employees and offer suggestions on areas that need improvement.

Now that the inspection is over, consider appropriate follow-up and be prepared for the next one.
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References: National Restaurant Association 2016.

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