Why Maintenance Matters

By Terence O’Reilly, Jr. and Sean O’Reilly, Sr.

Whether you call it preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance or regular maintenance, it all comes down to the same important message: stay ahead of the curve. There is no guarantee that preventative maintenance will actually prevent a machine from breaking down at some point, but regular maintenance can add some years to its life, and can preserve the high quality of your product and service.

Maintenance matters for a number of reasons, and has a direct consequence on customer satisfaction and profit margins. Equipment and vents can develop a grease build-up, and soon safety and energy efficiency are at stake. Neglected grease trap cleaning can cause blockages, foul odors and other inconveniences that can drive customers away. Dishwashing machines need to be running at optimum efficiency to avoid leaks and to assure the appearance of a clean dish without streaks.

TERMAC will help protect your investment in your equipment. Our technicians are trained, experienced and can detect early signs of a potential problem. It’s a skill developed over time
and crucial for preventative maintenance. It also helps reduce down time and disruption during a busy Saturday night at your restaurant.

TERMAC is on top of scheduled maintenance of your dish machine, your grease traps, your filters and fire suppression equipment. However, if there IS an emergency, TERMAC is there 24/7 with help. We are proud of our timely service to our customers, but regular maintenance can decrease the likelihood of such an emergency.

Maintenance does matter. And it’s Termac’s goal that your restaurant or food service operation never miss a meal.

Termac Corporation is a family-owned business serving the hospitality industry for more than 55 years with its cleaning and sanitation products. To meet the needs of this evolving market, it established a system of service and developed The Filter Man, GTO Grease Trap Services, Universal Fire Protection and AllPro Stainless Steel and Metal Fabrication.

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